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You have probably seen many shirts with a very soft print that looks like the color of natural cotton – this is discharge printing. Discharge screen printing can be used to print colors on dark garments that in the past would have required an additional layer of white ink in order to achieve proper opacity of top colors. Discharging a garment removes the majority of the color leaving a the faint color of the shirt resulting in more of a faded vintage look, that is very very soft to the touch. 

Discharge ink "bleaches" the garment and the ink seeps into the garment. The garment stays soft and breathable compared to the plastisol printing which prints the ink on top of the garment. The print also keeps longer than traditional screen printing because the print is in the fabric of the garment. Our Redlands Screen Printshop has extensive experience in discharge screen printing and would love to show you the benefits of this technique.



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