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  • Embroidery is the Rolls-Royce when it comes to creating art on garments.

  • Perfect for employee shirts, uniforms, and hats.

  • Unity does all embroidery in our factory in Redlands.

  • Embroidery works on almost any type of material and in almost any location

When the Ritz-Carlton brands their logo on luxurious bathrobes, they go with embroidery. If Apple is going to do retail clerk uniform shirts, it is going to be embroidered. If you want to give your customer the impression that your company is high quality and top-of-the-line in your field – you guessed it… go with embroidery. 

While some logos or art may require modification in order to work with embroidery - the results are stunning. The Unity embroidery team is very experienced and will help you to get amazing results.
Our goal here is to give you honest and expert advice for the best method and approach to your project. Here are some of the advantages and limitations of Embroidery: 



Effective for runs of any size, large or small.

Embroidery is very durable, sometimes outlasting the garment

Specific thread colors can be specified, and if we do not have these exactly, we will color-match as closely as possible to your artwork. 

Delivers a high quality and classy finish, with vibrant colors that are long-lasting and hard-wearing.

Works on materials such as fleece or heavy cotton unlike printing methods.

You can embroider directly over seams.

Embroidery can be produced from the artwork that is of a lower quality or resolution than what is required for printing.


Small intricate designs, very large designs, and gradient designs are best not done in embroidery

Not suitable for very thin fabrics and can compromise waterproof materials.

Does not produce very fine detail and small text.

Pantone's cannot be matched exactly. There is also a limit to the number of different colors that can be used per design.

Embroidery embellishments are best for designs up to 18 square inches. Larger designs up to 100 square inches are possible – but very expensive. 

Unity Embroidery Score Card 

score card.jpg

Scale Rating Breakdown:

5 -    Excellent. Exceptional. 
4 -    Very Good. Above average.
3 -    Good. Satisfactory Average.
2 -    Weak. Not a good solution.

Looking for business and professional apparel? Embroidered polos, t-shirts, and jackets from Unity Imaging can get you on the right track? Need great-looking logos on team apparel, hats, jackets, or bags? With custom embroidery, the design is stitched by our automated machines onto your apparel for a clean and permanent result.  Call us today to get a quote! (909)-793-2266

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