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Our Full-Color Heat Transfers are the most versatile print solution. They are extremely cost-effective for small volumes, or if the design has lots of colors and complexity. Heat transfers are a great on-demand solution and can be applied to almost any fabric. 

  • At Unity, we offer premium full-color heat transfers with amazing durability. 

  • We have a low minimum order quantity of only 10pcs with no setup fees (please note that the best discounts are at 50 & 100pcs).

  • Our heat transfers will work on almost any fabric.

  • You can do complex art and photographic images at no additional charge. 

Our heat transfers are unlike anything else on the market. We use a hybrid print system that combines the latest digital print technology with water-based screen printing. The results are soft, durable, and versatile print solutions. We offer a wide range of adhesives and finishes, including Sublimation Blocker, Stretch, Nylon, Metallics, and Industrial wash (can be washed at 90c). Heat Transfer inks are cured onto a clear film that provides a mess-free, easy to print product. 

Heat Transfers are the best on-demand print solution.  It offers you, the customer, to take full control of the project, by buying a heat press and applying the transfers to the garments yourself. Our transfers are easy to apply and we will help you every step of the way. 

Our goal here is to give you honest and expert advice for the best method and approach to your project. Here are some of the advantages and limitations of our full-color hybrid heat applied transfers:

Advantages of Heat Transfers

Great on-demand print solution. Our transfers can be cheaply shipped to any state (most orders ship for under $10) and can be easily self-applied with a heat press.

Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe. We use water-based inks resulting in a soft hand feel with amazing durability. 

Amazing fine detail including photographic art can be achieved with unlimited colors and metallics.  

Heat transfer is inexpensive for small runs and small prints. It can also be cost effective for designs with many colors. 

Fast turn-around compared to screen printing, with NO set up costs.

Limitations of Heat Transfers

Generally, heat transfer is not appropriate for long runs of 250+ pieces.

Heat Transfers sit on top of the fabric and can feel thicker compared to DTG or DTF.

Has a maximum print size of 11.5” x 16.5”.

Colors reproduction is not as accurate compared to silk screen printing.

Unity Transfer Score Card 

transfer sc.jpg

Scale Rating Breakdown:

5 -    Excellent. Exceptional. 
4 -    Very Good. Above average.
3 -    Good. Satisfactory Average.
2 -    Weak. Not a good solution.

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